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Toe guard style gips shoes MAXI ARMOR®
presents best stability and comfortability to cast worn patients in the world.
Hanul trading company is specialized in providing health care goods and consumable medical products.
It has been proven to many famous hospitals for distributing best quality of medical products with competitive price.

While our company provides open toe cast shoes to many orthopedic hospitals, We realized that many of cast worn patients are longing for the
closed toe plaster shoe but current toe guard cast shoes on the market doesn't meet to the consumers satisfaction.

Our company developed real toe guard design by reflecting market demands and finally launch toe guard gips shoes wearable MAXI ARMOR®.
As the most unique design of closed toe cast sandal in the world, MAXI ARMOR® has designed to strength the safety to
prevent unexpected injuries while patient wears gips and increased the functionality by selecting EVA(Ethylene Vinyl Acetate)
material flexible and eco friendly.

Hanul trading company promised to provide the best safety and most comfort wear to the cast worn patients
in the world through MAXI ARMOR®.
MAXI means extensionality emphasized the adjustability of toe guard part,
ARMOR is our concept of exterior design.

MAXI ARMOR® brand logo is symbolized for closing motion of protective cover part, called toe guard.
If you keep looking in long distance view, it looks like Crocus flower. Our logo shaped saffron Crocus means, hoping for your quick recovery.